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Monday, March 2, 2009

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Women, So make the object or the object itself?

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A woman has been equipped by God with the beauty of life and sport is a truth, which is at once real and virtual, that we can only understand with love, and we can only touch with the good (Kahlil Gibran, wing-wing Patah). Discount Kahlil Gibran any posts on the show, the woman is a creature of God's creation that has charm and filled with enthralling mystery opponent for the type. Beauty and the spiritual body is the part that is able to captivate and seduce the man of faith. So do not wonder if the men would willingly give up anything to be able to enjoy and have a beautiful body of a woman. Travel history shows, the murder done by the first man on earth, namely the murder Habil by Qabil, occurred as a result of the conquest of women. In addition, the stories in the holy book of the prophet Adam is expelled by the Lord of Heaven is also caused by a woman (Eve siti) is urgent to approach and eat the forbidden fruit (Khuldi). At the time Fir'aun, the prophet Moses, who was still a baby should be killed because it is a descendant of bani Israel, but not be killed even children raised by the request because of the permaysuri. At the time of Cleopatra, Julius Caesar is not willing to continue in Egypt ekspansinya fall on the neck because the Egyptian queen is renowned for its beauty. Furthermore, the United States president John F Kennedi be subject to cuddle and fall artist Marlyn Monroe, and when the last president Bill Clinton might be threatened because there are to play with Monica Lewinsky. Not all women are only the objects in the life of the world, among them there are some names that would be the spirit of the person who mencintainya, such as Eva Duarte, which was then known as the Eva Perón is the people behind the success of Juan Perón in the country, although it also is part of ambisinya people to become famous in Argentina and it reached up to his name dikenang by more than the people of Argentina who is the husband's number one in the country. Reality shows from the past up to now men will always strive to be able to achieve without the sympathy of women think the impact and consequences that will ditanggungnya. Exploiting Women Long history of travel to see the relationship between men with women, no wonder if many people and "exploit" the beauty of the women, to achieve an obsession, whether wealth, fame or position. In the days of old, so that the groove used by the regent, he must regularly present a woman is beautiful to be a regent for the mistress or just pemuas lust momentarily and then released to return or dihadiahkan again to other people. As a result, many parents, especially from the bottom, who are happy if mempuanyai beautiful girls and handsome, because beauty can be held capital to improve economic life and family status. In the modern world at this time, the position of women is not much different from before, they still serve as "decoration" carrier return. When we look at women who wear modes develop at this time, from day to day the more stringent embedded in the body and the more minimal and more free to show the beauty of the body of users, and even clothing for the fashion office uniforms also made seseksi and seminim as possible so that they can show the show -become part of the attractiveness of the opposite type, although it is often risi and make them uncomfortable but they can not do much because they had to obey what has become a company policy or office. But not all women who take advantage of the beauty of the body as feeling "forced" or used the other hand, have between them just like Cleopatra and Eva Perón that utilize the beauty of body and beauty and obsession to reach the ideal person to become famous and successful stage career in menapaki . Not a few of them, particularly new migrants the world of entertainment, who deliberately take advantage of the beauty and body kesintalan batch for money and fame, not even a few who are ready to provide "better service" original purpose to become famous people can be reached. So do not wonder if all our media, especially print and electronic media with the look of a beautiful woman dressed in tight or very minimal, and even television media at this time we have met with the impression that the "wobble" buttocks puckish singer is capable of interesting the imagination man is watching. Fact clearly indicates the weakness of the women had become the object of men in ambisinya meet. But on the other hand, at this time is that many women take advantage of the weakness of men who are always tempted by a beautiful woman who owned a hope to reach the peak. The award against Women energizer equality always cried, "do not exploit women in order to achieve business advantage" or provide a portion of the same between women and men. "Jargon jargon-always buzzed in the various opportunities that no other aims in order to obtain the position of women the same with men. The award of a woman must be true by her own honor in itself. They should be able to honor him through how to act and behave in efforts achieve the objectives and ideals. They should be able to maintain a way of life in accordance with the norms for the competition even though there are very strict. Mungin because how a woman will get the award from the man if he himself does not respect and appreciate themselves, such as how to dress in public in front of many of them dressed in minimal and dent the body section so that the beautiful, sexy and plump with the clearly visible reason follow the development mode. The habit of this kind will clearly fraudulent to invite men menggodanya even melecehkannya through colekan hands or even hissing the words of greeting obscene. If they can behave and the top seuai with the applicable norms, insyaallah sexual harassment and violence at this time that many women can override avoided, because it is basically evil and a lot of sexual harassment occur as a result of the appearance of the victims themselves. In addition, through self-respect by the women expected position of women, which is always the object in various activities of man and the business can be avoided and that the award can be received by eligible women in accordance with the sense of achievement is not because of compassion or self.



Love is like butterfly. To be pursued, to flee. But if left to fly, he will come at you not mengharapkannya. Love makes you happy but can often make sad, but love the new value if given to someone who menghargainya. So do not hurry and choose the best. Love is not how a pair of "perfect" for someone. But how to find someone who can help you to be yourself. Never say "I love you" if you do not care. Never discuss the feelings that never have. Never touch a life if it will destroy his heart. Never stare eyes if all you do is lie. This is cruel to do that someone else is membiarkannya fall in love, while you do not intend to catch it ... Love is not "This is one of you", but "I Ma'afkan". Not "where you do?", But "I am here." Not "I want you?", But "I ngerti kok". Not the "Try your kayak gini gak", but "I love you as you as-is." Compatibility is not properly measured by how long you have been together or how often you together, but whether you together, you always co-exist with each other and each other to create a quality of life. Only sadness and longing for the feel you want and cut as deep as you allow. The weight is not how to cope with sadness and longing that, but how to learn from it. I fall in love: fall but do not wobble, but not consistent force, and should not be shared unfair, understand and try not to demand more, sad but never save the grief. Indeed, sick people to see that you are blessed with the love of others, but more pain again if the person you love is not happy with you. Love will be painful when you split with someone more painful if you forget by kekasihMu, but will be more painful in love again if you care about someone who does not know what you feel. The most miserable in life is to find someone and fall in love, only to find that he is not for you, and you already spend a lot of time for people who have never menghargainya. If he does not "worth it" now, he will never be "worth it" more a year or 10 years. Let him go ...



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